Holiday Programs

A commitment to have FUN!

TheirCare’s goal is for your Children to have a blast when they spend time in our Holiday Program.

Our Next Holiday Program Adventure Will Be Arriving Soon!

It's Full Speed Ahead for us these holidays as we look at everything that moves. From the planes soaring in the air with our hot air balloons and plane building challenges to cheering on our sporting heroes with amazing excursions and in-service activities we have something planned to suit everyone's interests. Check out the schedule for your local service using the locator tool below.

In light of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we have put in place stringent infection prevention and control processes in line with the directions provided by the government, health experts, and the Department of Education including  increased cleaning and hand washing, social distancing for adults, modifying activities to promote physical distancing with children and additional training for our team.

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