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The holiday program operates between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Please note: This service can only accept children who are students of Croxton School. Unfortunately, we can not accept bookings from external families.

Bookings are not confirmed until a final confirmation is sent during the last week of term by the team.

When registering for an account please select Waratah Specialist & Croxton Schools as the school/service name from the list.

Choose one or all. Click the activity for more information.

What to bring (and what to leave behind)

healthy morning tea and lunch such as fruits, wholemeal sandwiches and dips.
For lunchbox ideas visit
Please do not include items which need to be reheated.
Due to the risk of anaphylaxis, items containing nuts should not be included in the lunchbox.
Breakfast and afternoon tea will be provided.

Water will be available all day to refill the bottles.

A SunSmart hat similar to the one worn at school.
Sunscreen will be provided throughout the day.

Clothing suitable for an active day, including closed toe shoes and a jacket if it is predicted to be wet or cold.
For more information about being SunSmart visit

Medication and management / action plans if required.

We encourage children to be active and engage with their peers so personal electronic devices such as phones, iPads, laptops and game consoles should be left at home.
These devices will remain the families responsibly through the session, including for any loss or damage.

Medical Management Plans

If you child has been diagnosed with a medical condition, we are required under the Education & Care regulations to have a completed medical action/management plan, along with any medication which may be required available at the service at all times during your child’s attendance.

Blank copies of the medical plans can be accessed through your medical practitioner or from the TheirCare service.

In the interests of the child’s safety, care may be refused on the day should the appropriate documentation or medication not be supplied or is incomplete.

If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with one of our friendly educators at the service or call us on 1300 072 410.

Changes to your bookings

We understand that your needs may change in the lead up to your attendance at the Holiday Program. Whether you need to add an additional day to keep the kids busy or cancel a day to suit your schedule, we’re there for you.

Simply log into your Fully Booked account anytime to make the relevant changes or give us a call on 1300 072 410 between 8:30 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays.

As we plan our programming, suppliers and educators in advance to the day to ensure that the children have lots of fun. Any changes made within the 5 days of booking will incur a $10.00 charge.

When making additional bookings, the $10.00 is eligible for the Child Care Subsidy, which means you may only need to pay the gap, depending on your families’ circumstances.

No day at a TheirCare Holiday Program is ever the same, from creating art & craft masterpieces to proudly display in your mini art gallery to building tall towers or even cooking up a storm with fun and healthy recipes there is always something to keep your children entertained each day. The program online is just a small part of the fun which you can expect on the day as our qualified team of educators plan the rest of the day around the children's suggestions, needs, interests and cultural identities to ensure that everyone is having fun.

All services are stocked with a wide range of art supplies, games, construction materials, dramatic play items, sporting equipment, books and cooking equipment which offered everyday in addition to the programmed activities to give children the chance to choose their own adventure.

In addition to the in house fun listed above each of our Holiday Program schedules include special school holiday only activities, special visitors and off site expeditions.
These can include:

  • TheirCare Special Activities:    Space projectors, mosaics, design your own bags, drawing robots , woodwork and clocks.
  • Incursions & Visitors:    Billy cart derby, sports, yoga, animals, dancing, science workshops, archery or even magic shows just to name a few!
  • Exciting Excursions:     Movies, indoor trampolines, rock climbing, museums, theme parks, farms, bowling, ice skating and more.
  • Super Excursions:   Full day adventures to Kryal Castle, Phillip Island Nature Parks or even our very own carnival.

You can expect something different each season with new activities, visitors and excursions to look forward to.

If there is something you would like to see at your Holiday Program, just speak to a friendly educator at your school.

To ensure that your family has a fun and safe day at Holiday Program please ensure that each child is prepared with the following items:

  • Clothing suitable for a creative and active day keeping in mind the weather forecast,
  • Closed toe shoes,
  • A Sun Smart hat similar to the one worn at school,
  • Drink bottle
  • A healthy morning tea & lunch such as fruits, wholmeal sandwiches, salads and dips. No nut products or food that needs to be reheated please.
    For tips on preparing a healthy lunchbox visit the Healthy Eating Advisory Service website.
  • Any medication and action plans if your child has a medical condition.

We encourage children to be active an interact with their peers so personal electronic devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and game consoles should be left at home. Families who choose to pack one of these items in their child's bags/belongings should be aware that these will remain the families responsibility throughout the session and we are unable to accept liability for any loss or damage.

If your child has been diagnosed with a medical condition, we are required under the Education & Care Services National Law and Regulations to have a completed medical management plan along with any medication which is listed on the plan at all times during your child's attendance.

Blank copies of the plans can be accessed through your General Practitioner or below:

If the condition is not listed above you can use the following TheirCare forms:

These can be provided to a TheirCare team member either before the day or on the morning when you sign in. The service Coordinator will work with you to develop a Risk Management Plan. If you have any questions please contact your service Coordinator.

In the interests of the safety of your child, we may be unable to accept your child on the day if a Medical Management Plan / Action Plan or medication is not provided. To view our policy please speak with the service Coordinator.

Yes, a healthy breakfast consisting of a selection of cereals, toasts, fruit and speciality items such as pancakes, muffins or oats are offered to families until 8:30 am. During the afternoon a snack will be provided featuring a range of seasonal fruits and vegetables and a treat.

Menus are planned by the service Coordinator based on children's dietary requirement & suggestions and are guided by the Healthy Eating Advisory Service guidelines.

Yes, our Holiday Programs are open for members of the local community, unless the school has advised of special requirements relating to COVID-19.

Bookings can be made by clicking the Book Now button on the program page or by clicking here.

We offer families the flexibility to change their schedules to suit their needs. Need an extra day or two? Our parent booking portal is accessible 24/7 or contact our friendly support team on 1300 072 410 between 6:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday.

As we plan our rosters, resources and activities in advance of the day an additional charge of $10.00 per child per day will apply to all bookings within 5 days of the session. As this charge is added to your invoice when we submit your attendance to the Family Assistance Office, most families only pay an extra 2 to 3 dollars out of pocket once the Child Care Subsidy is applied.

Bookings can be cancelled anytime using our 24/7 parent portal or by contacting our support team on 1300 072 410.

As we plan our rosters, resources and activities in advance of the day any changes, including cancellations to bookings made within five days from the start of the session will incur a charge of $10.00 per child per session. In the event that the cancellation is due to illness, please call us on 1300 072 410 to let us know as the fee can be waived upon receipt of a medical certificate.

All TheirCare services are approved for the Child Care Subsidy which can reduce your out of pocket fees by up to 85%. Most families are eligible if they meet the residency, work/study test and is means-tested based on your income.

Families will need to register with Services Australia (Centrelink) to be eligible. Visit their website for more information.

We try to ensure that all activities run smoothly to ensure that children are able to experience all of the planned activities and have multiple checks in place to prevent disappointment, however there some rare situation where a particular activity is unable to be run - usually this is due to a safety concern caused by to the weather or a provider becoming unwell/delayed.

Should this occur we will attempt to provide an alternative activity on the day to ensure everyone leaves with a smile. Alternatively, we may need to postpone the activity for another suitable day. In either scenario, we will communicate the change to you via phone call, email or SMS with the updated plans.

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