Delivery and Complicance

Our School programs are informed by the local School community.

Goals and outcomes are contracted at the commencement of a School engagement but our commitment for improvement in our delivery and quality is ongoing.
Integrity of our offering to families is paramount and it is our responsibility to live up to the expectations we set.

Delivery and compliance
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Visibility of Performance and Outcomes through reporting.

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Audits & Reviews

Consistent, wide-reaching audits and reviews.

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Compliance spans performance, processes, documentation and certification to meet the requirements of the National Quality Framework.

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Systems & Procedures

We use the right systems and procedures to capture and share information to Schools and Parents as required.

Supporters of…

Sue Higgins


“TheirCare is exceptional in the care they take of the children entrusted to them and the program they run. As Principal I have worked with other providers and the difference is marked.”

Jenny Roth


"Our parents are providing positive feedback and our children are always keen to attend. We believe they provide a quality service.”

Jane Donaldson


“Not for one moment have I regretted outsourcing our OSHC program to TheirCare. Most importantly the kids love attending which was our central goal!”

Cheryle Osborne


”The transition process from our previous provider was seamless and the staff are brilliant. I have a great deal of positive feedback”

About TheirCare

As a family owned business, care and partnership is at the heart of how we deliver exceptional outcomes for children, families and schools.

Our Commitment

TheirCare’s operation is based on our commitment to community, our employees and creating programs and spaces where children love to be.

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Offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

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