Community Engagement 

Our School programs are informed by the local School community.

Consultation and Review

Each School community is different and the unique priorities and challenges of each School are regularly reviewed in consultation with the School community.
Our partnership and communication focuses on improvements so that constructive action can be taken rather than generating dissatisfaction or complaints to the School.

Community Engagement TheirCare

Value for money and Revenue contribution

For the School

We have the right models to maximise revenue outcome for your school.

For Families

Cost effectiveness and flexibility are key criteria for parents in choosing appropriate care for their children.  TheirCare avoids harsh penalties for cancellations and late bookings.

Parent Care

TheirCare provides an Australian based dedicated Customer Support Hotline number which provides another avenue to manage concerns or enquiries from parents.

Hardship Program

TheirCare has a Hardship Program that is available to the School.  This program is designed to partner with the School when a family experiences short-term significant and material distress.

Holiday Programs

TheirCare holiday programs are designed to be fun and create experiences.  Each holiday program consists of excursions, incursions and in-house programming to maximise the variety and to keep children engaged.

Supporters of…

Sue Higgins


“TheirCare is exceptional in the care they take of the children entrusted to them and the program they run. As Principal I have worked with other providers and the difference is marked.”

Jenny Roth


"Our parents are providing positive feedback and our children are always keen to attend. We believe they provide a quality service.”

Jane Donaldson


“Not for one moment have I regretted outsourcing our OSHC program to TheirCare. Most importantly the kids love attending which was our central goal!”

Cheryle Osborne


”The transition process from our previous provider was seamless and the staff are brilliant. I have a great deal of positive feedback”

About TheirCare

As a family owned business, care and partnership is at the heart of how we deliver exceptional outcomes for children, families and schools.

Our Commitment

TheirCare’s operation is based on our commitment to community, our employees and creating programs and spaces where children love to be.

Contact Details

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Offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

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